Test Your Skill In ForexCup Trading Contest By FXOpen

FXOpen ForexCup Trading Contest

FXOpen ForexCup Trading Contest

If you are confident with your skill as trader in the market and want to test it against other traders, then FXOpen has something for you! FXOpen is organizing a trading contest where you will compete against thousands of other traders in an effort to prove, who is the best trader in the market! This competition will be held every year and this time, up until December 31, 2020. So are you interested to join in the contest? If so, read down below for further information.

  • What It Offers

The contest offer you a chance to test your skill in trading against thousands of other traders in the market. Here, you do not have to open a real account. Most of the contest activity requires you to use a demo account, therefore eliminating the risk of you losing money in this contest. Of course, the winner will also be rewarded with cash prizes. On top of the cash prizes, the winners will also be given a special account to trade with. Last but not least, you can receive a partnership and bonus programs even if you do not win in the competition itself.

  • Who Is Eligible

Everyone is eligible to enter this contest, be it a new client or an existing one. If you are yet to have an account with FXOpen, you better start creating an account today to immediately participate in the contest. You do not necessarily need to create a live account too. Again, most of this contest is done through a demo account, so all you need is just to create one demo account. With that, you also do not need to deposit your money. What a nice condition right?

  • How To Join

So how to exactly join in the contest? Well, the first thing you need to do is to have an account with FXOpen. After it, you have to create an e-Wallet with FXOpen. This is necessary for you to do if you want to register as a participant in the contest. Next, download and install MT4 or MetaTrader 4 as your platform used for trading if you yet to have one. Lastly, pick a which competition you want to participate in and click join. We recommend you to choose the one that is free or without the registration fee, as you need to deposit some money into a real account if you want to participate in the one that requires fees.

So are you interested in participate in this contest and test your skill as a trader? If so, click the link down below to register yourself as FXOpen client and start test your skill in trading today! Good Luck!

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