Yadix Give Free MacBook Pro To Its User!

If you are in need of a new MacBook Pro and you are a trader, then Yadix might have what you need! Yadix is giving away welcome gifts right now for a new trader in its platform. If MacBook Pro is not to your interest, then perhaps iPhone 11 Pro, Galaxy S10e, or PlayStation 4 might catch your attention!

Right now, Yadix is giving a free gift for every new member who joins their platform up to December 2020. You can receive these gifts from converting the lots that you have trade-in with the gift. The smallest amount of lots you can convert is 50 lots which give you PlayStation 4. Followed with Galaxy S10e with 110 lots, iPhone 11 Pro with 130 lots, and the grand prize of MacBook Pro with 160 lots. If you are wondering if you can take all of these gifts home, then the answer is YES, YOU CAN! Even so, the lot that you accumulate will be reset to zero for every time you convert your lot with the gift.

If you are wondering what would be the requirement for you to be eligible for the gifts, the first thing you need to do is to be a new member in the Yadix platform. As this promotion is only eligible for a new member, you need to create a new account if you already have an account on the platform. Next will be to choose “Classic Account” as your account. Yadix provides many types of accounts in its platform such as Classic, Scalper, Rebate, and Pro account, and each account comes with its own benefits. However, if you want to be eligible for this promotion, it will only be available in a classic account with a $100 minimal deposit. Although I said that the promotion is up to December 2020, it is only for when the event itself is held. The duration for you to gain all of these gifts is in the time span of 60-90 days from the day you registered as a new member in Yadix, with the time limit of PlayStation 4 is in 60 days and the rest of the item is 90 days. So you really need to move quickly from the time you registered.

So let me make it clear for you:

Eligibility: Only for new member.

Requirement: Create a new classic account with minimal deposit of $100.

Time Limit:
For The Whole Event – Up to December 2020.
For When You Already Registered – 60 days for PlayStation 4; 90 days for the rest of the item.

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