Be A Champion In Demo Trading Contest With OctaFX

OctaFX Demo Contest

OctaFX Demo Contest

Are you confident in your skill trading in the market? Are looking for a challenge to improve your trading skill? If you looking either one or both of these, then OctaFX might have the right contest for you! OctaFX is organizing a demo trading contest every month for the rest of 2020 with a grand prize of $1,000 USD!

So, are you interested in the contest? Here are some pieces of information you might need to know before joining the contest!

  • Be An OctaFX Client

So, the first thing you need to do is to make sure that you are an OctaFX client. If you are yet a client of OctaFX, you can create your first account by clicking the link at the bottom of the post. So, what is the benefit of trading with OctaFX? Other than multiple types of accounts, platforms, and instruments you can choose, they also give additional benefits such as no commission when doing deposit or withdraw, no swap, slippage, or delays. If you are still unsure, then this contest might be a testing ground for you, as you only need to choose a demo account to participate in the event. If you are an existing client of OctaFX, then all you need is to create a new demo account.

If you already create a demo account, all you need to do is to register that demo account for the contest. You can do this step on your account page. Also, you do not have to register a new account every time a new contest will be held, it will be automatically registered as your contest account.

  • How To Win The Contest

So, how to win the contest, you might ask. The answer is simple, be the one who earns the most! The contest winner is those who have the most equity in their account by the end of the contest period. So, if you plan to win the contest, then make sure to win a lot in your trade.

  • The Rewards

As mentioned above, the grand prize for this contest is about $1,000 USD per month! This prize then split into four:

    • 1st Place – $500 USD
    • 2nd Place – $300 USD
    • 3rd Place – $100 USD
    • 4th Place – $100 USD

So, are you interested in the contest? If so, click the link down below to register yourself as an OctaFX client and create your demo account today! Good Luck!

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