Test Your Skill and Get FREE EFC 84 Tickets with CM Trading!

If you love EFC and wish to see the match live, then CM Trading got you covered with their new promotion EFC 84! CM Trading has 15 spots to the EFC 84 fight that is ready to be gifted to the top 15 traders of the event, and you won’t get only one ticket but two at once! The event has started since February 17, 2020, and will last until March 12, 2020. So take your chance before it is over!

CM Trading EFC 84 Trading Challenge

CM Trading EFC 84 Trading Challenge

If you think the requirement will be hard, think not because it only needs three steps to complete!

  • Open Live Trading Account with $250+ Deposit

First, a piece of good news for the old trader at CM Trading. If you already have an account in CM Trading, you do not have to create a new account for this event. You can just register as a participant and your account will be eligible for the event. If you are new to CM Trading. However, they provided their clients with four types of account in their platform which is Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Premium, with the lowest being the Bronze type and required $250 as minimum deposit, hence the requirement to open a live trading account with $250 inside. However, you are free to choose another type of account other than Bronze, if you want to be an active trader in their platform, as the Bronze account offers limited support than the others. If you want to see detailed information about their account types, you can check it here.

  • Start Trading and Accumulate Trading Volume

After you finish your registration, verification, and fill the account with minimum deposit necessary, you can start trade in the said account. The way the event works is for every 1 lot you trade in the market, you receive 1 point. However, there is another way of getting points, which is through depositing or gaining $250 in the account. This means that you have three ways of earning points for the duration of the event, which is trade the market, gain profit from the market, or straight up put more money into your account.

However, when there is a pro, there is a con. If you are planning to deposit and withdraw the $250 repeatedly to increase your points, then you might be disappointed. Although your points will increase every time your account receives $250, it also decreases every time you withdraw the same amount from your account. So, no, you cannot repeat the process to increase your points.

  • That is it. All You Need To Do is To Be The Top 15 Traders!

This is it. The last step for you to win the tickets to watch the EFC 84 is to become the top 15 in the event! So, what will you get if you be the top 15 then? The top 3 of the competition will receive 2 tickets in ringside of the EFC 84 Match, so you can see them close and personal. Meanwhile, the rest of the winner will also receive 2 tickets but in the normal seat. You do not have to worry though, you won’t be seated in the most back of the stage, so you can still enjoy the fight with whoever you choose to take with.


NOTE: The event is only eligible for those who live in South Africa and Lesotho.


Risk Warning:
CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage.76.2% of retail accounts lose money when trading CFDs. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

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