Win A $10 Every Time You Trade As A Rebate With Axim Trade

Axim Trade Rebate Program

Axim Trade Rebate Program

If you like to trade in silver and gold, then Axim Trade has an offer for you. Axim Trade will give you a rebate of $10 for every trade you make in XAGUSD and XAUUSD. This promotion will last until March 20, 2021. So, are you interested? If so, read down below for further information.

  • How To Join The Promotion

The first thing you need to do is to register yourself as an Axim Trade client. Here, you can earn plenty of benefits, from multiple types of accounts, multiple tools to help your trading activities, huge leverage, and many more. However, if you aim to trade while earning cash back for every trade you made, then ECN Account will be the right choice for you. With this account, you can receive one of the best treatment you can get from Axim Trade.

If you have finished choosing your account, you then need to join the rebate program. You do not have to worry about finding the program as you will be offered when you choosing the ECN Account. Also, do not forget to verify your account for your account security and to make sure that you are human.

The last thing you need to do is to deposit your account. After all of the above, what you need to do next is to deposit at a minimum of $50 into your account. Of course, the more you deposit the better, as it will give you much more chance to trade the market.

  • The Rebate

This program divides the rebate into four categories:

Axim Trade Rebate Groups

Axim Trade Rebate Groups

    • A: Here you can receive 2 USD per 1 lot if you trade EURCADe, AUDNZDe, EURGBPe, EURUSDe, and GBPJPYe.
    • B: Here you can receive 7 USD per 1 lot if you trade AUDCADe, AUDJPYe, AUDUSDe, CADCHFe, EURAUDe, GBPCADe, GBPCHFe, GBPUSDe, NZDJPYe, and USDCADe.
    • C: Here you can receive 8 USD per 1 lot if you trade AUDCHFe, CADJPYe, CHFJPYe, EURCHFe, EURJPYe, EURNZDe, GBPNZDe, NZDUSDe, USDCHFe, and USDJPYe.
    • D: Here you can receive 10 USD per 1 lot if you trade XAGUSD and XAUUSD.

So, are you interested in the promotion? If so, click the link down below to register as Axim Trade new client and get your cashback today! Good Luck!

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