Win 2 Tickets To Tokyo Today With Rakuten Trade

Rakuten Trade Trip to Japan

Rakuten Trade Trip to Japan

If you are planning to have a vacation to Tokyo, Japan, but still does not have the tickets for the trip, then Rakuten Trade might provide you with a solution! Rakuten Trade is organizing a promotion together with ANA where you can win 2 tickets to Tokyo, Japan! This promotion will be held from March to May 2020. So, are you interested to know more? If so, below is further information you need to know to win these tickets!

  • How To Be Eligible To Win The Tickets

If you are interested in winning the promotion and have yourself 2 tickets to Japan, then what you need to do first is to register as Rakuten Trade client. When creating an account, if your aim is to win these tickets, then you have to choose Combo Account. Combo Account is a combination of CashUpFront and RakuMargin Account in Rakuten Trade. CashUpFront account is an account where you need to trade with the available cash in your account. Meanwhile, the RakuMargin account giving you the option to trade with pre-approved equity with the bank. Combining these two accounts, you get the best pair for trading digitally.

The next step you need to do is to fund your account. As mentioned above, with Combo Account, you have two options to fund your account. Either by direct deposit to your account or have the fund pre-approved with the selected bank. If you have finished funding your account, do not forget to insert a promo code RakuMargin to boost up your account.

If you have finished all of the above, then you can start trading using your account.

  • How To Win

If you are looking to win the tickets, then you need to collect 1,888 RT points. Rakuten Trade points or RT points is a point you can get for every commission you spent on brokerage fee. Another way to receive this point is through a referral, where you can earn 500 points at once. However, the points from the referral will not be counted for this promotion. Only those points that earn from the brokerage fee will be counted. If you have already collect 1,888 RT points, all you need to do is to enlist in the draw and wait until the winner is announce.

So, are you interested in this promotion? If so, click the link down below to register as Rakuten Trade and win 2 tickets to Tokyo, Japan! Good Luck!

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