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Unicorn 25% Bonus and Cash Back!

Unicorn Broker is a broker that has over 250+ trading instruments to offer to you and also personal customer service to help you in your trade. Right now, Unicorn Broker is offering 25% BONUS and $2 CASHBACK for every deposit that you make on the platform.

Unicorn Broker Bonus and Cashback

Unicorn Broker bonus and cashback

For you who do not know who Unicorn Broker is, Unicorn Broker is a broker that operates in the fields of forex, CFDs, stock, indices, and even cryptocurrency. These fields, or “services” as they called it, give you many options to choose to invest in with over 250+ trading instruments that you can choose. They have four types of account available in their platform, “Alpha”, “Beta”, “Gamma”, and “Pro”, with “Alpha” is geared towards a beginner trader and “Pro” is geared towards the more seasonal trader. They also provide you with free financial planning, economic calendar, and even personal customer service to help you with your time as a trader in their platform.

As with other bonuses and cashback offers, it only applicable for the new member of the platform. So you have to create a new account in the platform if you already have an account in Unicorn Broker. The next step for you to do is to choose and put the minimum deposit into your account. As I mentioned previously, there are four types of accounts in Unicorn Broker. These have effects on the minimum deposit that you need for each account with $50 for Alpha, $3,000 for Beta, $10,000 for Gamma, and $30,000 for the Pro account. Also, you have to make sure that you already verify all the necessary documents in the registration, as Unicorn Broker required you to fill some as a confirmation and to allow you to withdraw your money later on. This offer will last until December 2020, so you don’t have to worry about missing this opportunity.

So, let me make it clear for you:

Eligibility: Only for the new member in the platform

Requirement: Deposit minimal amount necessary for the account

Time Limit: Up to December 2020

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