Start Automated Your Trade With VPS Server From XM Group

XM Free VPS Server

XM Free VPS Server

If you like the idea of automating your trading process and still looking at which broker can provide you with the best service, then XM Group might have something for you. Right now, XM Group is giving away free VPS Server service to all of its clients for the rest of the year. If you are interested in moving your automated trading system with XM Group, then you only need to fulfill 3 requirements!

  • Be A XM Group Client

The first step is fairly obvious, you have to be a client of XM Groups. XM Groups provide their clients with plenty of benefits. From multiple types of accounts, suited for a different type of traders. Flexible platforms to trade from, both MT4 and MT5 is available to you to choose from. A multitude of benefits is also provided by the XM Groups to their clients through variety of education and tools, such as this VPS Server. If you already have an account with XM Group, you do not have to worry. You can request your free VPS if you fulfill the other requirements to receive one.

  • Have Minimum Equity of $5,000

The next requirement for you to have is, to have at least $5,000 in equity in your account. This requirement is necessary for you to have before you are asking for the free VPS Server. Therefore, you need to deposit your account with the equal or more amount of necessary equity to have. If this requirement is fulfilled, then you can ask for your free VPS Server in your member area for your trading account.

  • Trade 5 Lots Minimum To Keep The Service Free

This last requirement is a requirement after you receive your free VPS Service. You must trade at least 5 standard lot when using the server. This is to ensure that you keep the service for free and not have to pay $28 per month for the service. Of course, it should be easy if your set up is correct.

So, are you interested in this giveaway? Are you confident that your automated trading system will make you profit 24 hours a day? If so, click the link down below and start automated your trading with XM Group! Good Luck!

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