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Receive $100 In Welcome Credit Giveaway With ATFX

ATFX Welcome Bonus Promotion

ATFX Welcome Bonus Promotion

ATFX is currently organizing a giveaway promotion to all of its new members where they can earn up to $100 in equity as a welcome bonus! This promotion will last until December 31, 2020. Another interesting thing about this promotion is that you can withdraw the bonus! So are you interested? If so, read down below to know more!

  • Who is Eligible?

So, you might question how you can get this bonus. Well, it is easy. All you need to do is to register as ATFX new client. As the promotion titled said, ATFX will only give this credit to welcome every new member who joins with them. ATFX is a credible broker with millions of clients already trading with them. ATFX supports its clients with a multitude of tools and benefits that they can use to boost their trading activities. With multiple instruments to choose from such as forex, stock, indices, CFDs, and more, multiple platforms to use both MT4 and MT5, and arrays of tools trader can use for free. When you register yourself as their client, you can choose from these options to which tools, instruments, or platforms that are suitable for you and your trading strategy.

If you are finished in the step above, what you need to do next is to verify and deposit your account. By doing the verification of your account, it provides your account with security and to make sure that you are a human and not bot. Verification will also make you deposit your account easier. In depositing your account, you need to deposit at least $200 to your account to be eligible to receive the welcome bonus.

  • What Benefit You Can Receive

The first thing you will obviously receive will be $100 in credit or equity to your account. This credit then you can use for your trading activities. However, not like the other welcome bonus, you can actually withdraw this bonus! All you need to do is to open 3 lot in trade by the second week you opened your account. If you missed this chance, then you will not be able to withdraw the credit from your account.

So are you interested? If so, click the link down below to register yourself as an ATFX new client and receive this welcome bonus today! Good Luck!

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