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Get Yourself 100% Cashback In Your Deposit With OptionField

OptionField 100% Deposit Bonus

OptionField 100% Deposit Bonus

If you are looking for a broker who can give you your full deposit as a bonus, then OptionField has an offer for you. OptionField is doing a promotion where all of their new clients will receive 100% of their deposit as a cashback bonus, effectively doubling your account equity! The promotion will only available until March 31, 2020. So, what are you waiting for? Follow these 2 steps below to get this bonus in your account!

  • Register Yourself As OptionField New Client

The first thing you need to do is to register yourself as OptionField new client. Here, you need to choose what types of accounts which will suit your trading style. OptionField offers 3 types of accounts: Classic, Pro, and Elite. The classic account is the entry-level account in OptionField. This type of account is suitable for beginners who just started in the trading world. Pro account is aimed towards those who already have decent experience in the trading world. Here, you will be given a personal trading and relationship manager, where you could ask them a question or more. Finally, the Elite Account. In this account, you get all the benefits of Pro account but times 10. The more the benefits, the higher your payout will be.

  • Deposit 500 USD, EUR, or GBP Into Your Account!

After you finished choosing what type of account do you want to use, the next step will be deposited into your account. In this promotion, the minimum you need to put to receive the cashback is either 500 USD, EUR, or GBP. If you have finished depositing your account. Then you can enjoy the bonus cashback straight away.

This promotion of 100% cashback is not without a limitation. For example, in receiving the bonus, you will receive 100% of your deposit back into your account up to 10,000 USD, EUR, or GBP. It does not mean that you will not receive the deposit bonus if you deposited more than that amount. You will still receive the bonus, but only 10,000 USD, EUR, or GBP.

Another example is that you can actually withdraw this bonus deposit. However, you need to have a profit 50 times your initial bonus. For example, if you receive $1,000 in bonus, then you have to profit about $50,000 in your trade with the account. You really better withdraw the profit you receive from the bonus, rather than withdraw the bonus itself.

So, are you still interested? If you do, click the link down below to start to register yourself as OptionField new client and receive this bountiful cashback! Good Luck!

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