No Deposit Bonus

Earn 200% Of Your Deposit As A Bonus With FortFS

FortFS Deposit Bonus

FortFS Deposit Bonus

If you are looking to start your trading career but limited in your budget, then FortFS has a solution for you. FortFS is offering a deposit bonus up to %200 of your deposit! This promotion is open to all clients of FortFS from March 24 to April 24, 2020. So, are you interested in the offer? Read down below for further information.

  • Eligibility

So, who is eligible for this offer, you might ask. Well, as mentioned above, everyone is eligible to receive this offer. However, there is a catch. The offer is only available to clients who use Regular and Cent account. So, have you used one of those accounts? Or are you yet a client of FortFS? If you are not, then you can create a new account today. FortFS provides its clients with plenty of benefits, especially to new traders. They have an exclusive account, called Newbie Account, for new traders to accustomed themself in the market environment. They also provide a special account and treatment to the more experienced traders with their Pro Account.

  • How To Apply

So, how to exactly apply for this promotion then? The first step you need to do is to make sure that you have either a Cent or Standard account. If you use one of these accounts, then the next step will be verification. This step is necessary to make sure that you are human and to safeguard your account. Also, you cannot deposit or withdraw your account without filling the verification, so be sure to verify your account after you finished registration.

Now, the next step you need to do is choose the preferred payment method and the bonus that followed. You can do this in your account personal cabinet. You will be given two choices for the bonus, 150% and 200%, be sure to choose the 200% one for maximum results. Now, you are good to go. All you need to do is to put some deposit into your account and you will receive the bonus.

  • Terms & Condition

So, what is the catch, right? Well, the catch is simple. If you want to receive 200% of your deposit as a bonus, you need to deposit at least $200 into your account. Same with the 150%, where you need to deposit at least $150 into your account to receive the bonus. Another condition to be eligible for this promotion is to use 100:1 leverage. Also, if you want to withdraw the bonus, you need to earn profits equal to the bonus.

So, are you interested? If so, click the link down below to register your self as FortFS new client and start earning your bonus today! Good Luck!.

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