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100% FBS Deposit Trading Bonus With NO Duration

A generous offer just comes from FBS with their deposit bonus. They will give you 100% deposit bonus for all new trader that join their platform! You also do not need to worry about the duration of the offer too! You will be eligible to receive this offer up to December 2020.

So here is what you need to do. Firstly, you have to make sure that you are a new trader on the platform, as the offer is only eligible for a new member. If you have created your account with FBS, put a minimum deposit in the account. In this case, it may vary according to the account type. Also, as FBS does not really specify which type of account you need to use, you can use their smallest type of account called “cent”, which only need $1 as the minimum deposit! Now you can receive a bonus for your deposit for every 1 lot you trade in the market. Although there is no time limit for the offer, there is a limit with how much you can earn the bonus for at $20,000.

If you are still unsure about the platform, FBS is providing their customer with many benefits such as huge leverage from 1:1 up to 1:2000, the best environment for both new trader and professional trader, huge amounts of trading instrument that you can use to aid your trading, and no restriction in the strategy that being used, be it hedging or EA, all is allowed. You also do not need to worry about customer service, they are ready to accept your question 24/7 a day! With 10 years of experience as international trading platform, you can trust yourself in FBS.

Let me repeat it again for you:

Who is applicable: New members only

Time duration: up until 2020

How can you get the bonus: You need to register as a new member in FBS trading platform and deposit the minimum amount of money need for the account.

Terms and Condition: You can only receive about $20,000 per account as the limit of the bonus.

So what are you waiting for and join FBS to earn their bonus right now!

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